About Us

We were founded in 2001 to perform at the Lammas Festival to accompany the Eastbourne Giants, 'Herne the Hunter' and 'Andred', Saxon Goddess of the Weald.

Since then we have grown from a small group to Eastbourne's premiere drumming group who perform at over 30 events a year.

We are always seeking new avenues where we can share our contagious, powerful, tribal-esque rhythms and entertain the masses.

Upcoming Events

Floral Fringe Fayre


Waterloo Summer Fete


Broad Oak Festival

Nr Heathfield

Burwash Village Picnic

Nr Heathfield


Pentacle Drummers Studio Album, Rumbling Thunder.
CD Art Work and layout by Greg Draven

Click here for Life In Tatters

PD at CWCF fundraiser

Pentacle Drummers at Herstmonceux Castle

PD at Lammas Festival

Pentacle Drummers at Lammas Festival, Eastbourne

PD in "Thors Hammer"

Pentacle Drummers Music Video in the forest